Guiding the professional careers of tastemaker talent

Striking the balance between where artists have been and where they want to go is key.

In a global, more independent music business, the role of the manager has infinitely expanded. Artists, more than in any time period prior, are tasked with the difficult process of jump starting their own careers, so finding management that is both connected and forward thinking is crucial...and a bit of paradox in nature.

Often times, those who are properly connected are older and creatively dissociated. They can be inflexible and rooted in old ideals, making it difficult to pivot as needed in the crucial development stages. Innovation is stifled along with the ability to thrive in the current business model. On the contrary, managers more in touch with the current and future state of the business are by and large younger and lack the deep network of relationships to infiltrate the mainstream.

Our goal is to bridge that gap, to be both a vibrant creative voice and vital business resource. To stand by our acts from the very beginning, developing a strategy for success that ultimately guides all artistic endeavors through execution.



The Blancos


Zachary Murdock